This Party Political Broadcast has been realized by Liberal- Democratic Party for the Political Election of 2005. It starts with a man lying on the floor of a street maybe victim of an heart attack. By then two men arrive and they stand next to him. It is possible to understand that they belong to the two opposite parties, the Labour and the Conservative, thanks to a cockade they are wearing colored respectively red and blue. Instead of helping the guy on the floor, they rub in how the opposite party has destroyed the Country in different fields and they start to arguing. In the meanwhile a man dressed in yellow, appears as a kind of superhero and saves the sick person carrying him in his arms to the hospital. He represents the Liberal Democrats leader that distinguish himself from the rest of the inefficient politicians. The ads terminates with the writing: "You are in safe hands".


The viral circuit in support of the Liberal Democrats, started its activity already in the early 2005, when the unofficial propaganda started to spread on the digital platforms. The viral ads, in a positive style, is an attempt to support the Party through the use of humor and imagination. The Democratic leader Charles Kennedy, played by a friendly man in blond wig, is shown as a typical American superhero who saves a distressed citizen and hold him in his arms. This scene shows a different kind of leader, someone who wants to help the English citizens in their everyday life. A very creative ads that shows the potentiality of a genre that is going to become really popular.

Lib Dem Party