The sound of the clock and the image of the minute hand moving slowly on it, are the elements that characterize all the ads. This Party Political Broadcast has the aim to underline how just a second of Labour government, could lead to a series of difficult issues, in fact it starts with the sentence: "Here is what happens in one minute of Labour!". The critique to the Labour has been done through a series of statements followed by representative images. For example a voice over mention the increase of "violent crimes" and in the meanwhile on the screen are displayed a gun and a bloody knife. At the end of the 60 seconds, the PPB finishes with the following conclusive sentence: " […] so if that is what happens in one minute of Labour […], imagine in five more years!".


This is a typical Conservative Party Political Broadcast that clearly attacks the Labour Party and its policy. The PPB creates feelings of anxiety and fear that inevitably push voters to reflect on the actions of the Labour Party and the consequences that they could generate once again getting the warrant. The negative genre is constantly used by the Conservative Party and it is subject to a number of improvements that make it closer to the cinematographic techniques and styles. In fact the changing images, the words on the screen, the insistent voice-over and the constant ticking of the clock make this ads similar to a movie trailer.

Conservative Party