Labour Party Jennifer's Ear

This Party Political Broadcast has been realized by the Labour Party for the Political Election of 1992. It is a storytelling ads rather than a proper PPB for the promotion of the party. In fact it has been supervised by Mike Newell, director of Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). The ads is developed on the story of two young girls affected by acute otitis that have to wait before receiving the operations. This is a clear attack to the Conservative Party for the privatization of the National Health Service. In the ads, the destinies of the two girls are put in opposition: one of the two manages to undergo surgery, while the family of the other is forced to go to a private facility for a fee.


However the intent of the ads was overshadowed by the fact that the identity of one of the girl was revealed. The father of the girl claimed, in numerous interviews, that he had never been informed about the video, but he just received a phone call after the ads was broadcasted. The party was criticized for using a private tragedy for a political purpose, even though they had always denied it. Nevertheless numerous investigations finally led the Labour's leaders to confess the truth about the case.
Indeed the story is known as the War of Jennifer's Ear, referring to the War of Jenkins' Ear, a real conflict between Britain and Spain (1739-1748) due to the fact that the Spanish coast guard, during a control, cut off a ear of the British Captain R. Jenkin.

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