Labour Party Don't wake up with Conservative

This Party Political Broadcast has been realized by the Labour Party for the General Election of 2005. It starts with a girl, called Sarah, who wakes up with a man in her bed. They spent the night together, but the girl tries to explain him that it has been a mistake and she wants to kick him out. In the meanwhile a couple of the man's friends get inside the flat and they start to drink and smoke regardless of Sarah’s disapproval. She pretends some explanations, worried about the situation. However, as the man explains, she has already done her choice and he "will stay around for the next four years". Unwilling to believe what is going on around her, she starts to think about her ex-boyfriend, Anthony. Suddenly he appears in front of her, asking her to remember all the wonderful things they achieved together: the house, the job. She tries to convince him to stay, but he harshly answers: "I would, but I can't. You made your choice, maybe you can give me a call in a few years" and he leaves. The Viral Ad ends with the slogan: "Don't wake up with Conservative", a clear exhortation to vote for the Labour Party.


This is one of the first Viral Ads that were successfully placed on the web. Thanks to its success, the Labour Party decided to include it in the Official Campaign. Since that moment, it started a cooperation between the Official Campaign and the Viral one, that was properly created for the network.

Labour Party