This Party Political Broadcast has been realized by the Labour Party for the Political Election of is one of 2010. It is one of the few PPB that Labours realized with a denigrating "negative" tone. The main character of the video is the opposing party's leader, David Cameron, which is represented by a funny chameleon intent to expose the program of the party. The ads created quite a lot disorder among the electors, even though it is an innovative mix between the Negative tone and the Humorous genre matched with an original use of the animation. Since the first broadcast, the Labour Party started a kind of mini-series with the main character Dave, the funny Chameleon. At a first sight the PPB doesn't seem to be so offensive with the opposite party. However with a bit more attention it is possible to observe that the Labour tried to underline how the Conservative leader is a manipulator, able to "change color" according to the different political situations. It is a quite funny ads, that however wasn't appreciated by the spectators because it was interpreted as an attempt to cover the lacks of the Labour's policy.

Labour Party