This Party Political Broadcast has been realized by the Labour Party for the Political Election of 1997. It starts with a shoot of the camera on the first page of a newspaper, where is written "Election Special", in order to suggest to the spectators that the ads is referring to the election's day. For the all duration of the PPB, the camera follows a mysterious man that is going to vote. During the way to the polling place, he is surrounded by a crowd of people who greet him smiling. The camera reveals his identity just after he consigns his ballot. He is the Labour leader, Tony Blair, who invites all the voters to "Do It", to vote for his Party. The last scene shows an old man that is going to ran over a guy, but when they see Blair "Things Can Only Get Better", as also the background song suggests.


This is the debut Party Political Broadcast of Tony Blair. It is much more dynamic and attractive than the previous ones, because Blair uses stylistic elements that allow him to "simplify" the political discourse. In this ads the leader plays a central role, as a meaning of an increasing success and the words are completely replaced by the music. The ads is not just used to confer a new image to the Labour Party, but it is also considered as a starting point for a more innovative and emotional typology of PPB.

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